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take the Quiz on you're personality

answer a.b. or c.

1. you're a spy and you have to go on a last minute mission but you relize that you have a trip to the mall wth your hot temperd bff.Do you 

a. go on the mission hoping your bff won't notice

b. try to reschedule 

c. go to the mall

2. you've got a lot of work to do bu your friend ask you to come over.Do you...

a.politly decline and say you came down with the flu

b.say maybe maybe not 

c. tell you're parents that you finished your work and go

3. you have a sleepover and invite all 11 of your friends 4 can't make it the 7 would did come wan't t to watch a movie 1 girl can't decide and the rest are fighting finally you hold a vote you count the votes.the group that won wanted to watch a movie you had already saw.Do you ...

a.tell the truth and watch the movie again

b.lie and say that your movie won

c.hold a recount while lieing and saying one person didn't vote

I hope this Quiz was awesome here are your scores

1.a=1 b=5 c=10

2.a=5 b=10 c=1

3.a=10 b=1 c=5

if you scored between 2-7 you should consider being honest more often

if you scored between11-20 great job honesty looks good on you

if you scored in between 21-30 great job !!!! perfect score :) I must ask did you answer honestly;)